4 Week Cleaning Planner – Spring Cleaning Week Freebie!

Spring Cleaning Week has come to an end here on Paws and Prada, and it has had a wonderful response! I have loved connecting with everyone and sharing tips on Twitter. Putting together the opinion post on owning a sofa dog was the most fun I’ve had writing a post in a long time, all thanks to receiving so many reader contributions.

As a thank you, I have a little freebie for all of you – a four week cleaning planner which tackles all those little cleaning issues which dog ownership can throw at us. From sorting out smelly toys and dog hair under the sofa, to cleaning up stinky bedding and fur covered stairs… this cleaning schedule has got you covered.

You won’t need to spend more than ten minutes a day on each task, and some of them will only take a minute – maybe even less! It’s easy to add onto your existing cleaning routine, and for anyone like me who finds cleaning all too easy to intentionally forget about, it really helps keep things on track. The result? A dog friendly home which looks clean and tidy, and doesn’t have even a whiff of dog smell.

Grab your cleaning planner, for free, by clicking the button below. Easy peasy.

Click Here for Your Planner

Don’t forget, you can share your tips for keeping your home clean when you have a dog, in the comments below.


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Joy Jewell is a London based dog obsessive and style connoisseur. Joy has worked in the fashion and beauty industry as a writer for nearly a decade, and decided to fuse her two loves – style and canines – to create Paws and Prada in 2014. If you would like to talk to Joy about anything from blogging to puppy training then drop her a line at [email protected] or find her on Twitter @PawsandPrada.


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