Adaptil Review – Does it Really Work?

When we first got Bruce and he was just a little scruff of a thing with very sharp teeth, there was a time in the calendar which I would dread. The full moon. Now, call me crazy but this little pup seemed to be incredibly sensitive to the full moon and would be unable to settle, hyperactive, stressed out and over stimulated. He would act like an over-tired toddler on a sugar high, and would spend the entire day and evening getting into trouble and acting like a complete monster.

It wasn’t nice for either of us.

Not usually one to fall for gimmicks and gadgets, a friend suggested that I try Adaptil – a range of products which use a natural copy of pheromones to calm and comfort anxious dogs.

The  Adaptil pheromones mimic those produced by a female dog in the days after she gives birth to her litter, to give her new puppies a sense of security and reassurance. The theory is that by replicating these pheromones your dog will be taken back to that feeling, and feel more settled and safe.

adaptil range of productsAdaptil comes in a diffuser for the home, spray, tablets and a collar. I opted for the diffuser and used it in the kitchen, which was where Bruce was spending most of his time at such a young age. I started using it a couple of weeks before the next full moon, to give it time to work, and after that full moons became much less stressful and a lot more peaceful. I also noticed that Bruce started to relax more in general, not just during full moons – previously he would only sleep in his crate and would play and run for hours and hours, never relaxing, while out of his crate. Within a few weeks of having the adaptil diffuser in the home, he fell asleep on the kitchen floor and learnt to chill out.

The diffuser lasted a long time, and when it ran out I didn’t replace it. Bruce doesn’t seem to be so sensitive to full moons now, which is a relief. Perhaps it is because he’s older or maybe the Adaptil taught him to calm down.

I recently repurchased Adpatil after the neighbour got a cat. We share a wire fence, and Bruce has become infatuated with watching the cat in the neighbour’s garden. If I brought Bruce inside he would spend the day running back and forth between myself and the back door, crying, whining, pacing and barking. He was a not a happy pup. So, I dug out my diffuser and bought a refill. After days of Bruce never settling during the day and being a ball of anxious energy, the morning after I plugged the Adaptil in he took a four hour nap on the sofa.

He still gets wound up about the cat now and again, but his stressful behaviour has lessened and he seems happy again. It should help calm him until we can get a new fence that will block out Bruce’s view of the poor cat.

your turn adaptil review

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Christopher & Pixel
Reply March 13, 2015

Thank you for posting this review. I have a question, does the diffuser seem to have an immediate affect? Our dog is typically very chilled but gets nervous around firework season, and am considering using these this year.

    Reply March 13, 2015

    I find that it usually takes a day or two to have an effect on Bruce. I would maybe start using it a week or so in advance just to be sure, and just leave it plugged in throughout firework season!

Reply January 5, 2016

We started using the collar about a month and a half ago because Sammy is a very nervous dog and the behaviourist suggested it. It's helped a lot on walks outside the house and he can actually walk next to screaming children and not loose his mind!

    Reply January 5, 2016

    Thanks for your comment Vivi! I am planning on taking Bruce on a long journey next month so I might get one of the collars and try it out, since the diffuser worked so well for him. Good to hear it worked out for you and Sammy!

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