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It’s been a little while since I’ve sat down to write a new post for the Bookmarked series. I don’t set myself a target of how many I need to write per month, or when they should be published. I simply wait until I genuinely find a pet website that I keep looking at again and again, and that deserves to go in not just my browser’s bookmarks, but yours too. Well let me tell you straight, The Artisan Pet Deli should be there.

Selling only natural, healthy, nutritious dog treats as well as a brilliantly curated collection of toys, bowls and treat jars, The Artisan Pet Deli certainly has my attention.

bruce the airedale terrier with toy

The selection of treats in particular are a winner in not just my eyes but Bruce’s too. While I am impressed by the wide selection of healthy options which make picking treats for dogs with certain dietary requirements a breeze, Bruce gives two paws up for them on the taste scale. He even went as far as trying to pinch them off the counter and do a runner… thankfully, his plan wasn’t successful and I made it to the goodies before he could get his teeth around them and see them away.

Bruce has been testing out a few products which The Artisan Pet Deli ever so kindly sent him.

The Dog Treat Company Run Free Liver Bites

the artisan pet deli treats

Bruce loves liver treats, but he seems to find these liver bites from The Dog Treat Company especially satisfying. Whereas his usual liver treats are chewy, these have a brilliant crunch which Bruce loves to munch on. The addition of devil’s claw root, pumpkin seed & free-range egg shells make the liver bites excellent at promoting food bone and joint health, as well as relieving sore and stiff muscles. They also come in at just 3 calories per treat, so if your dog is on a diet but you’re struggling to stop slipping him treats, these would be the perfect choice.

Alfie and Molly’s Duck and Mango Calmers

the artisan pet deli mango dog treats

I am all for dog treats which help keep your hound relaxed in stressful situations such as during fireworks, travel, or visits to the vet. These calmers from Alfie and Molly contain chamomile, a gentle sedative which can take the edge of your dog’s anxiety. The use of duck makes them low fat, and they are a great options for dogs that can’t tolerate fish, chicken or beef which are commonly found in treats. The mango gives a healthy dose of vitamins and beta-carotene; a welcome addition to any pup’s diet.

Bruce doesn’t care much about the health benefits of these treats, but he certainly enjoys the taste. If he could, I am sure he would tell me that just one isn’t enough. After I give him one of these he will pester me for a long time until I finally cave and give him another. Grab your pooch some, here.

Ware of the Dog Knitted Carrot

the artisan pet deli carrot dog toy

My first thought when I saw the hand knitted toys from Ware of the Dog was that there was no way they could stand up to Bruce’s destructive ways. He has a fondness for removing stuffing from his toys (usually seconds after I have vacuumed the house), and I thought it wouldn’t last a minute. I put my hands up and fully admit that I was wrong. There is something about Bruce’s hand knitted carrot which stops him from wanting to remove its innards. Perhaps it is the soft and squishy texture, or perhaps it is the slight stretchiness of the knit under his teeth. Whatever it is, it is lasting longer than most of the indestructible toys he has been given over the years.

From an owner’s point of view, knitted toys also look great. They aren’t garish like a lot of dog toys, and have a certain homely quality to them. These, from Ware of the Dog, are also fair trade – giving craftswomen in Nepal jobs. If you fancy doing your bit and treating your dog the same time, grab one from The Artisan Pet Deli, here.

airedale terrier with dog toy

The Artisan Pet Deli really is at the top of it’s game when it comes to its wide and high quality range of healthy pet treats and beautifully produced toys. It doesn’t just cater to our canine companions, but those fussy felines too. If you love to give your pet only the best in life, as they so deserve for being such good chums, then take a gander at The Artisan Pet Deli now, and don’t forget to bookmark it!


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