Barbour Dog Coat Review

When I first got Bruce, I declared I would never be one of those pet owners that dresses their dog. After all, dogs don’t need coats; they are well equipped for the great outdoors. Especially dogs like Bruce with dirt-resistant wire-haired coats.

It wasn’t long until I realised that dog coats aren’t just built to keep dogs warm and cosy, but to make their owners’ lives easier too. Trying to dry off a large and exuberant puppy after a muddy walk is not as fun as it sounds, and the collateral damage isn’t much a of a hoot either. The muddy sofa being a prime example.

When you’ve been for a wet walk in the rain, the first thing you want is a hot cup of tea, not to spend 20 minutes chasing the dog with a towel.

Barbour dog coat

So, it was with a massive sense of relief that Bruce was given a Barbour dog coat for Christmas, and it has served us well. Bruce wears a large and it fits him nicely. It’s potentially not the best for deep chested dogs as the strap which goes under the body sits quite far forward for Bruce – if it was further back, or there was another strap which sat at the narrower part of his body he would have a more secure fit. However, it hasn’t slipped to the side or fallen off, so it’s really not a problem. It fits at the neck with a large pad of strong velcro, and the under belly strap attaches with a buckle on one side so that you can adjust it, and velcro on the other for ease of use. I would love it if the coat had a hole in the back for his harness to slot through, but sadly it does not. However, we’ve had no issues with the harness peaking out the top instead – I simply fold the ‘collar’ down. Which looks rather dashing by the way.

All in all, I’d say that the Barbour dog coat is a great find. It’s brilliantly waterproof as you would expect from Barbour and it looks fantastic. I’m a little bit jealous of how good Bruce looks trotting round the park in his Barbour, I think I need my own version for next winter.

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