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Subscription boxes are all the rage, aren’t they? It started out with food I think – chocolates, mostly, sent out every month as a little treat. Then, everyone started getting involved from knicker companies to stationary brands, until finally it landed upon the beauty world and the whole thing went a bit bonkers. Until recently, our four legged friends have been a bit left out of the goodie boxes, but there are a few companies cropping up who have been catering to the dogs and cats of the world.

If you don’t already know, the premise behind these boxes is that you pay a monthly fee (or sometimes you can get them as a one off) and you receive a box of wonders – samples, and full sized products, for you to discover and try out. It’s a great introduction to new brands and a brilliant way to try out products you previously haven’t.

The trouble that I’ve come across with monthly dog boxes is that they tend to be rather samey. There’s a lot of Lillie’s Kitchen and Billy and Margot floating around – both great brands, but ones which I am already well aware of. What I want to know about are the artisan brands, the little known companies and the individuals trying to make it big. Thankfully, this is something which Barking Rad does, and it does it really rather well.

Suppliers to the Barking Rad box are UK independents, who produce safe and fun toys, treats and accessories in a responsible manner. There is not only a focus on quality, but also on handmade, British made products. You can subscribe to a number of monthly boxes, just buy one, or even hit up the Barking Rad shop for individual products. I will definitely be getting Bruce his own cake for his second birthday on November 1st.

Barking Rad were very kind and sent The Bruce Monster a dog subscription box all of his own, and he loved everything in it.

Harry’s Treats Gourmet Sunday Roast

Large crunchy dog treats, these biscuit style snacks were a big hit with the fluff monster. He gobbled up each one happily and then asked for more. He was so excited about them, that he would run through his tricks without being asked, just to get a bite. If that’s not a sign of a tasty treat I don’t know what is.

Arton and Co Dog Doughnuts

dog doughnut

The doughnut looked so good I was actually jealous of Bruce that it was a dog treat and not a human treat. Made with dog friendly ingredients like peanut butter, olive oil, coconut, egg and yoghurt, these doggy donuts are slow baked for an awesome crunchy texture. They look great and Bruce loved chomping on it, despite my envious stares.

My Person Loves Me Soft Moustache Toy

Bruce adored this cute little soft toy, however he has a love of pulling the stuffing out of fabric toys so it sadly didn’t survive more than 24 hours. If you have a  destructive dog, then you may want to consider if that is something you are prepared to deal with in a monthly dog box. Personally, I don’t mind, but if you would find it a waste then Barking Rad do offer food only boxes! Clever clogs, aren’t they?

airedale terrier moustache toy barking rad

Coconut Blush Paw Salve

Thankfully Bruce’s paw pads have never become dry or cracked, but having some salve to apply in the winter is a good plan to avoid troubled skin. The shea butter in this will do a good job at keeping those pads soft and supple!

Barker’s Brew

Made to look like a special doggy beer, this non alcoholic drink is more like a kind of special gravy which can be added to dog food or water. It’s high in Vitamin E, making it a healthy addition to your dog’s diet.

barkers brew dog beer

Barking Rad Review

I am very happy to recommend Barking Rad. The dog box gave me an opportunity to try brands which I normally wouldn’t have, and I will now buy them again. I love supporting British businesses and shopping responsibly, particularly when it comes to pet products which are not well regulated in the UK. The fact that you can buy one box rather than being forced to subscribe is a huge plus, and the selection of an original, treat box, or box for dogs with allergies is smart. I’ll also keep the shop in mind, for those times I might not want a selection of a few products and would rather buy them individually.

Barking Rad kindly provided Paws and Prada with a product to review. This does not affect our opinion of the product, or our review.
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