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Now that Bruce is finally growing up, and is starting to realise that dog beds are for lying on and not ripping apart, I am getting more and more tempted into getting him a luxury pet bed.

However, I’m a fussy customer. I don’t just want a dog bed which is going to be comfortable for my pup, I want one which is going to look nice in my home. Not just that, but I want it to add some style to the room and fit in with my decor.

Of course, it also needs to be practical. Which means that without a doubt it has to have removable and washable cover, and ideally it should be snuggly on the outside but with waterproof protection on the inside.

I told you I was fussy.

Thankfully, I stumbled across Spotted Hound during a Twitter chat, and I immediately bookmarked it.


Specialising in beds for both cats and dogs, Spotted Hound offers a range of gorgeously designed pieces in a number of patterns, colours and sizes. The covers are indeed removable and you can add a moisture resistant liner to protect the inner pillow from wet fur and muddy paws. No matter what your personal taste might be, I would wager anyone would find a style of pet bed that would suit them and their home, as well as their pets. If you can’t choose just one design, then spare covers are also available so you can mix things up!

Fancy adding a Spotted Hound pet bed to your home? Take a look at their range here.

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