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Usually the posts in the ‘bookmarked‘ series feature websites which sell dog accessories, rather than treats, but sometimes a business just jumps out and makes themselves noteworthy. Right now, that business is Wellybix.

Wellybix specialise in creating hand baked dog biscuits which are free from artificial preservatives, colours, artificial flavour enhancers, added sugar and salt, and you know that Wellybix is trustworthy and reliable as all their products are analytically tested and approved by a veterinary laboratory.

wellybix dog treats

Made with human grade ingredients, including the owner’s very own garden herbs, Wellybix treats are incredibly wholesome snacks for your dog. You an just tell that a lot of love goes into making these treats and running the business as a whole, and I’m all for supporting that kind of passion in business, particularly when it concerns our much loved hounds!

There are seven biscuit flavours available, and I recently placed an order for two of them – the wheat free peanut butter biscuits, and the chocolate flavour with carob. They were made fresh and sent out quickly, arriving much faster than I had expected. In fact, the order was placed on the Friday and by Monday morning the postman was handing them over.

wellybix dog biscuits

My first impression was that they looked beautiful – they were gorgeously packaged and the biscuits were shaped in bones and hearts and hadn’t crumbled at all in transit – they are sturdy, biscuits with a good snap which makes them ideal for a dog to crunch on.

The real test of course, was Bruce’s taste test, and he had been lingering around my feet ready to step up to the plate as soon as he was needed. Well, what can I say except he loves them. No, I mean he really, really adores Wellybix dog biscuits. I gave him one and as soon as he finished he started barking at his treat jar for more… this went on for quite some time!

wellybix review

Wellybix dog biscuits will be added to my dog travel bag for our long train journey, and I just know that they’ll keep him happy on the trip. Thanks Wellybix!

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