Bored of Walking the Dog? How to Enjoy Walks Again

I have always enjoyed my walks with Bruce. I consider them a vital part of my wellbeing – not only do I always get a healthy dose of daily exercise, but it gives me the chance to clear my head, unwind and take a breath. Lately though, I’ve been feeling stuck in a dog walking rut. I confess, I am bored of walking the dog.

I’ve exhausted my local walks and I’m tired of doing the same routes over and over again. Something has to change, so that both Bruce and I find our love for our walks once again. I’m taking action, and injecting some fun back into walkies. Here’s how.

Walk With Purpose

If doing the same lap round the park is starting to feel aimless and reminiscent of groundhog day, then treat your dog walks more like an outing with a purpose. Walk your dog to the local cafe and grab a coffee to go before heading home, take your pooch to visit a friend, or why not pop along to the pet store on stock up on treats? Adding an activity to your dog walks can do a wonderful job at banishing those feelings of boredom.
walking the dog goldendoodle

Get Company

Ask a friend or family member to join you and your dog on your walks now and again. It gives you someone other than fido to chat to for a start. It’s a good opportunity to catch up with friends.  There will be plenty of people you know who would love the opportunity to get out the house and into the fresh air with you and your furry pal.

Find a New Route

Doing the same walk over and over again is bound to get boring after a while. If you’re on the hunt for a new dog walk but not sure where to start then ask fellow dog walkers, get on google maps and search for green spaces, or check out the National Trust’s dog friendly places.

Add a Canine Companion

If you really want to spice up your dog walks then just add another dog. We all know someone who would like their dog to be able to get more exercise, whether it is because their owner is ill, elderly or simply working long hours. Do a good deed and offer to walk their pup for them. Walking two dogs at once will certainly add some zest to those walkies and will be a heap of fun for your hound too. If you’re bored of walking the dog, they’re going to pick up on it and find your jaunts dull too, so this really works to give everyone involved a shot of fun.

walking two dogs golden retrievers

Every Walk is a Training Opportunity

Keep in mind that every walk can and should be treated as a training opportunity. Grab your treat bag and stuff it with goodies before you head out. Practice basic obedience, recall, and even tricks on your walks. Work on their loose leash skills or on waiting patiently before crossing the road. Not only will your dog be better behaved but it’ll be mentally stimulated as well as physically exercised. That means a more content and relaxed pup when you reach home.

Do you ever get bored of walking the dog? How do you snap out of it?

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Joy Jewell is a London based dog obsessive and style connoisseur. Joy has worked in the fashion and beauty industry as a writer for nearly a decade, and decided to fuse her two loves – style and canines – to create Paws and Prada in 2014. If you would like to talk to Joy about anything from blogging to puppy training then drop her a line at [email protected] or find her on Twitter @PawsandPrada.


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Reply September 28, 2016

These are some great tips. Although walking the dog is sometimes fun, it can get a bit boring if you're doing the same route every day. Will definitely keep these in mind. x

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