Cruelty Free Beauty – The Hidden Secret

Going cruelty free with your beauty routine can feel like a daunting task, but switching to cruelty free beauty needn’t be overwhelming. By supporting companies who don’t use animal testing to create their products, you’re showing them that in order to get your business they have to be more ethical. If everyone did this, cosmetics and beauty companies would have no choice to completely abolish animal testing, in order to make profits.

In the UK, animal testing for cosmetic and toiletry products has been banned for years, and in 2013 this ban was stretched to include the ingredients used within the products. However, it’s not quite enough, and the reality isn’t as black and white as it may initially appear. In fact, there is a secret that a lot of international beauty brands don’t want you to hear about.

International companies that want to distribute their products in certain countries are actually required to pay for the products to be tested on animals. The company then has to make a decision – condone animal testing and sell in these lucrative markets, or miss out on the extra profits but stay cruelty free. Sadly, but perhaps not surprisingly, not many large cosmetics companies shy away from the extra business they receive from these countries.

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So, although you may think that all the cosmetics companies that are available to you in the UK are cruelty free, if they are operating in countries where paying for animal testing is compulsory, that is not strictly true. It is therefore up to us to make the right choice and opt for cruelty free beauty from brands which don’t take part in animal testing, anywhere, for any country.

Thankfully, the world is starting to take notice of the call for more cruelty free options. In 2014, China, a country in which it was previously compulsory for beauty brands to pay for animal testing, abolished these regulations for most cosmetic products. It is a great first step for ethical, cruelty free beauty brands.

Hot to Tell if a Beauty Brand is Cruelty Free

If you are looking to make the switch to a cruelty free beauty routine, then look our for products which are Leaping Bunny certified. The Leaping Bunny is a logo which signifies that the brand does not test on animals, and companies have to work hard to get certified. If a product shows the Leaping Bunny on its packaging, it’s been given the OK by Cruelty Free International. Some companies are certified but don’t place the Leaping Bunny on its label, but you can check whether it is cruelty free on the Leaping Bunny website here.

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