Dog Friendly Home Inspiration from Around the Web

For this week’s selection of features from around the web I’ve been looking at dog friendly home decor inspiration. Our dogs are such a hug part of our lives that it is only right that we take them into consideration when we’re decorating or doing a spot of interior design. After all, a dog goes such a long way towards making a house a home. These clever ideas for homes with dogs will make your house all the more dog friendly, without sacrificing anything in the style stakes.

Dog Friendly Home Inspiration

pet bowl nook

If you’re anything like me, you trip over your dog’s bowls multiple times a day. They always seem to be just where I am stepping. I love the idea of having a designated eating area for dogs, and it’s even better if it’s tucked out of everyone’s way. This nook that is built into the end of the kitchen island is perfect, and the fact that it looks like it has a splashback for messy pups is a stroke of genius.

Having a mud room with a built-in short shower just for hosing off mucky pups is the dream. Say goodbye to mud on the sofa and wrestling large dogs into the bathtub after they’ve been rolling in unmentionable horrors. This one on Houzz is so nice, that it looks even better than my own bathroom. Those lucky pups.

Country Living set their editors the challenge of creating reading nooks inspired by four iconic country dog breeds, and the results are so jaw droppingly lovely that you can’t help but feel inspired to give your living room a bit of a dog friendly makeover.

kitchen dog crate

I am seriously toying with the idea of turning Bruce’s enormous eyesore of a crate into part of the kitchen furniture, by adding a countertop and some shelves above it, maybe a curtain so that it can truly be hidden from view. This wonderful crate which has been built into the kitchen cabinets is getting my creative juices flowing, and practically has me reaching for the drill to get my DIY on.

Do you feel inspired?

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Reply October 18, 2015

I love that crate idea. We have just bought our first home and want to get a dog, possibly two, so I'm doing loads of research ahead of time.

    Reply October 19, 2015

    If you have any questions I can help you with, feel free to drop me an email via the contact page. I'd be happy to help!

Sarah Rodgers
Reply October 19, 2015

I love the idea of being able to disguise the dog crate when it isn't needed! We crate our dog when visitors first arrive so we've been looking at alternatives to putting up and taking down his ugly crate.

    Reply October 19, 2015

    I really want to hide our crate too - they aren't exactly the prettiest things!

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