Bionic Biotic Review: Goodbye Itchy Skin

So, your dog has itchy skin. It’s a nightmare for him and it’s hardly a walk in the park for you either. You spend your days telling him to stop nibbling his tail or scratching his neck, and as the weather heats up for spring you know the itchiness is only going to get worse.

I feel your pain. Last summer Bruce was an itchy mess, particularly on hot days. He is prone to skin conditions as an Airedale Terrier and he even gave himself wet eczema aka hot spots – thankfully after the first one we managed to heal all the others within a day. Still though, I felt bad for him. We tried changing his diet, cutting down on treats and saying no to cheese. By the end of Summer, my itchy dog seemed to have found some relief. However, he was left with a flaky tail.

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Though the flaky skin on his tail rarely seemed to bother Bruce too much, it did concern me. It wasn’t red, or particularly itchy, though he would occasionally jump up and feel the sudden need to have a little chew on it, much to my annoyance. He also didn’t really like it being touched too much, which made me think that maybe it felt sensitive to him.

So it was with much hope that I decided to put him on a supplement a few weeks ago. Bionic Biotic* by Pooch and Mutt is a dog supplement for itchy skin and digestion issues. There are forums all over the web singing the praise of Bionic Biotic, so I was excited to add it into Bruce’s daily routine.

Bionic Biotic Ingredients

This dog supplement contains probiotic, prebiotic, omega 3 and 6, soya oil, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, selenium, menthol, eucalyptus, biotin, cobalamin, magnesium, copper, iron, manganese and methionine. WOW. That’s a whole lot of goodness in one supplement; I’m starting to wonder if I should be taking it! For a run down on why all these individual nutrients have been chosen for Bionic Biotic, check out Pooch and Mutt’s very informative website here. Safe to say though, that these vitamins, minerals and biotics work amazingly well together to promote the health of your dog. Digestive discomfort is eased, itchy skin is relieved and coats are left glossy.

bionic biotic review


Bionic Biotic Review

So, how did Bruce fair in his trial of Bionic Biotic? Straight off the bat, he ate it on top of his food. He actually enjoys the taste, which makes life nice and simple. It comes in a powder form which you simply add to any type of food, wet or dry. Bruce has even been known to lick it off his dinner, so I guess it’s nom.

The packet tells you exactly how much supplement to give your dog per day; for Bruce it was 3 tablespoons and no chore at all.

How long did it take for Bionic Biotic to start working? In Bruce’s case it was very fast. In less than a week the flaky skin on his tail started clearing up, and now after 3 weeks of use there is only a small patch of flaky skin and it looks as though that will vanish soon enough. I am over the moon that Bionic Biotic has worked so well for him and will be repurchasing in the hope that Bruce will have an itch-free summer. I’ve also noticed that his wiry coat is taking on a healthier, more vibrant appearance. I have been hand stripping him this week, and the newer fur underneath is a deeper, richer colour than usual, and has a healthy sheen.

bionic biotic dog supplement

In addition, I have been impressed with Bionic Biotic’s effect on Bruce’s digestion. Like many dogs, he tends to suffer from occasional stomach upsets and soft stools. Well, this has improved no end since starting on the supplement. It wasn’t my primary concern when it came to giving Bionic Biotic to my dog, but I’m thrilled that it has helped and I don’t have to spend my evenings listening to Bruce’s stomach grumble.

I can’t imagine going without Pooch and Mutt Bionic Biotic now, and I’m keen to get some of their other products for Bruce too. As he is currently running circles around the kitchen table with the zoomies, I contemplating placing an order for the Calm and Relaxed dog food.


*Indicates press gift

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Belle | Parties, Pearls and Being Precious
Reply March 24, 2015

This sounds like a fantastic product! My Staffy constantly has skin issues, which as you say are worse in summer and quite stressful for me as I'm always worried about him being uncomfortable. My other puppy is a Spoodle and hasn't shown any skin concerns as yet but I'm sure that they would both benefit from the supplement. Thanks for sharing! xoxo

Erin Kline
Reply March 25, 2015

Great review!! My pup Maple often has itchy skin. We are always on the lookout for solutions.

    Reply March 25, 2015

    Poor Maple! I would definitely look at trying this if I were you - it's been a game changer for Bruce. Thank you for your comment!

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