Dog of the Month – Foster the Fox Terrier Cross

I’m very excited to announce a new series here on Paws and Prada – Dog of the Month. This is an opportunity for all those hard done dogs looking for their forever homes to have their moment in the limelight. I want to help rescue dogs meet their perfect match, and live the rest of their lives being happy, loved and have a place they can call home.

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First up is Foster, who has stolen my heart. This lovely little Fox Terrier Cross is being saved by Terrier SOS, who reserved him on the day he was due to be put down. A former hunting dog, Foster has hard part of his ears and tail cut off and they have thankfully healed well. Initially terrified from his ordeal, he is slowly becoming more trusting and relaxed around humans.

Currently in Badajoz, Spain, Foster is being prepared for travel and he’s ready to be shown just how wonderful life can be.

fox terrier rescue

To find out more about this gorgeous terrier please visit his page on Terrier SOS here, where you can fill out a rehoming questionnaire. Please spread the word about Foster – let’s find this guy a family!

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Reply March 16, 2015

That is not true, at all! Volunteers in Spain spent weeks spreading the word, we were the ones calling SOS Badajoz, talked to them and got him an extra week on the date he was supposed to be put down. We found an adoptive home, a really good one, then Terrier SOS came through and it all fell apart.
The family that fell in love with Foster is completely devastated, and upset. This is far from okay and far from fair.
This is not how everything went down and everyone should know. Foster had a mom already waiting for him and they took that away with bad manners and no respect whatsoever.

    Reply March 16, 2015

    Hi Ines,

    I am sorry to hear that there has been some confusion and upset regarding Foster. I should state that I am not at all affiliated with Terrier SOS - I saw the information about Foster and wanted to spread the word about him, so I put up a post about him - the most contact I have had with Terrier SOS is a couple of tweets, asking if I could use their images. I am afraid I can't comment on this situation much, as I don't know the details or both sides of the story. I am sure there is a reasonable explanation, and would encourage you to meet with Terrier SOS if you haven't already, to talk about the matter openly so that this doesn't happen again in the future.


Reply March 25, 2015

Hello, I'm the International Adoptions co-ordinator at the Asociacion SOS Perrera Badajoz. I dealt with all incoming enquiries for Foster with regard to international adoption or placement with a international rescue association.
We received some emails telling us that a lady in the UK was interested in adoption. I made contact with that lady and explained how the international adoption protocol works. We, the Asociacion SOS Perrera Badajoz cannot adopt a dog outside of Spain to an individual without full RBU (rescue back up). In case the adoption fails or doesn't work out for whatever reason, there will always be a rescue organisation who can take the dog and find another home. At the same time, we received an offer from a rescue organisation in the UK who were able to take the dog to safety. I informed the lady who enquired of the situation and suggested that she talked directly to the rescue organisation about adoption from them if she was interested in adopting him.
The majority of the dogs we save from death row at the municipal perrera of Badajoz are placements with rescue associations and all of the international placements are with rescue associations. We have to work very quicky to get dogs out and to safety. The dogs have sacrifice dates of 14 to 21 days so there is little time. We have no shelter and are not able to take the dogs back if direct adoptions fail, so for this reason we don't do it.
We at the Asociacion do not understand the comments above about a family who thought they were adopting this dog. We are not aware of this family. There was no application in progress with anyone for the adoption of Foster for the reasons stated above. We only co-ordinate direct adoptions to individuals who live in Spain - again, for all the reasons outlined above.

    Reply March 25, 2015

    Thank you for your response to the previous comments Angie, and for all your hard work to rehome dogs like Foster.

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