Nine Perfect Dog Walking Shoes for Summer

Hurray for a touch of sunshine on our dog walks! Spring hasn’t been too sure if it wants to be warm this season, but it seems as though the weather may finally be heating up a little bit. It’s finally time to say goodbye to those mud caked wellies and puddle splattered walking boots; they can go into hibernation for several months.

When it comes to fashion, shoes are kind of my thing. Yes, I’m one of those women – a good pair of heels can make me go weak at the knees. When it comes to dog walking shoes for summer though, it can be tricky. Looks alone won’t do. I need something I can slip on quickly so I can get out the door without wasting time. Flip flops and sandals let in too much dirt and grime on dusty, pebbly paths. They need to keep my feet cool, and they have to be fairly resilient. They also need to stay on my feet in case I need to run after the dog, and they absolutely must be comfortable to walk long distances in.

I’ve taken my requirements and hunted across the web for some top summer dog walking shoes. Just click on the images below to be taken to them! Do you have a preferred pair of dog walking shoes for the spring and summer months?


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