Why I Don’t Support PETA

You’ve no doubt heard of PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. They have a promising name don’t they? However, the truth is that PETA are generally not well liked in most animal activism circles, and with good reason. Famous for celebrity endorsements, expensive fundraisers and semi-naked models in their advertising campaigns, PETA is, in my opinion, bad news. I don’t support PETA, and with good reason.

Let’s cut to the chase shall we? In 2015 PETA’s shelter took in 2,063 dogs, cats and other animals. Sounds good? Just wait. Out of those animals, a huge 1,502 were euthanised. That’s 72.8%. This is nothing new, it’s something which PETA is famous for and in 2014 the number of animals to be euthanised reached 81.3%. To put this into perspective, Battersea Cats and Dogs Home euthanised around 30% of its animals last year, a number which still shocked many and caused something of a scandal in the UK last year.

Mixed breed dog and Jack Russell Terrier walking in autumn park

It is staggering that a charity as well-known and well-funded as PETA has such a high kill rate for an animal shelter. Why does this happen? PETA claim that the animals that are euthanised are in no fit state to be rehomed or rescued, because they are ‘elderly, feral, sick, dying, aggressive, and otherwise unadoptable’. Which reminds me, they are completely opposed to the existence of feral cats.

It’ really no surprise that PETA’s shelter has such high kill rates, when you get to know more about them. They are firmly against no-kill shelters and rescue organisations, claiming that they are ‘hoarding facilities’ where dogs and cats are left in cages for months. It seems to me, that PETA would rather see an animal die than spend time in a shelter before they find a new home and family to love them forever. They claim that no-kill shelters allow animal abusers, breeders and traders to continue to thrive, and that animal rescuers should instead focus their effort ‘at the root cause, including by lobbying for laws that have been proved effective in reducing unplanned births and shelter intakes’. Which is perhaps why they want to have pit bulls banned across the United States.

one dog change world quote

As someone who thinks that Breed Specific Legislation is a ludicrous notion, this does not sit well with me. PETA has put its support into a nightmarish anti-pitbull coalition. They don’t want to have just aggressive pit bulls banned, they don’t even want specific breeds banned. They want any dog with the physical characteristics of a pit bull i.e. certain terrier style breeds, and dogs with blocky heads and short coats, to be banned. That includes therapy dogs, police dogs and war heroes.

Why would PETA, an organisation which stands for animal rights want an entire group of dogs wiped out? Apparently, it’s to protect them. The reasoning seems to be that, if they aren’t any pit bulls left, then there are no pit bulls left to be neglected or abused. It’s something I personally find to be a completely bizarre way of thinking, and I wonder if any dogs or any breed would be left in the world, if they were in charge.

PETA puppy

PETA are staunch defenders of euthanisation, claiming again and again that there are ‘fates worth than death’ – of which they count, living life without a limb.

Do you agree with their high-kill policy, or would you like PETA to change its ways? Let me know in the comments below.

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Reply March 7, 2016

I'm always wary of organisations that have, in my view, a political agenda. PETA, like Greenpeace, started out with the best of intentions, but have lost sight of the philosophy they were founded on. Money, celebrity and politics are a lethal combination. PETAS policies get more extreme and don't strike me as well thought out. They have a long list of don'ts, including banning pet ownership, or was that one a bad joke? As Barabra Woodhouse said, their are no bad dogs. Just bad owners.

    Reply March 7, 2016

    Yes, they have said that the world would be a better place if the activity of keeping pets never existed (http://www.peta.org/about-peta/why-peta/pets/), and they are opposed to the domestication of animals (but also opposed to the existence of wild cats). They seemed to have got sucked into a kind of twisted 'for the greater good' philosophy, which has totally warped their view. Thanks for your wonderful comment, as always, Alison!

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