11 Excellent Reasons to Get a Dog

We’ve talked about the worst reasons to get a dog, and we’ve delved into the reasons you shouldn’t get a dog, but we can’t leave it at that can we? After all, bringing a dog into your life can be beyond rewarding as well as whole heap of fun. It’s only right then that we look at the brighter and best side of dog ownership, with 11 excellent reasons to get a dog.

1. Companionship. Working from home, one of the chief reasons I wanted a dog was to have some company during the day. I can literally go all day without seeing or speaking to anyone, fun fact! Having Bruce around to snuggle and play with makes me feel like I’m getting a bit of social interaction. Providing companionship is one of the most important jobs that dogs will do, and are bred to do. They love your company as much as you love theirs, and love to make their humans happy.

2. Fun. There’s never a dull moment with a dog in your family! Interacting with your dog, whether it’s training obedience, learning tricks, playing fetch or tug, is a massive amount of fun. Boredom is a thing of the past with a pup running around.

3. Physical Health. Dog owners tend to be more physically active thanks to all that play time and daily walking. Not only do dog owners have less risk of developing heart disease, they are twice as likely to fully recover from heart attacks, and have a higher rate of recovery from illness in general.

Newborn puppy Norfolk terrier in the caring female hands

4. Mental Health. It’s not just your body that benefits from owning a dog, your mind does too. Dog owners tend to be less lonely and anxious, and more extroverted according to this study, and I can attest myself to how much of a boost dog ownership has been to my mental wellbeing.

5. Mood Booster. In a bad mood? Take 20 minutes with your dog. 15-30 minutes of interaction with your dog reduces stress and cause the brain to release dopamine and seratonin which make you feel calm, happy and relaxed.

6. Children’s Health. Dogs are the ultimate nanny for children. Not that I am suggesting you ever leave your dog and kids alone of course, but having a canine family member in the home is known to boost self esteem, lessen allergies and make kids generally healthier and happier.

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7. Increase social interactions. Did you know that owning a dog can help you make more friends? Hounds quite simply get us out the house more often, and meeting more people as we do so. They’re a great point of conversation, and attract dog lovers wherever you go. Not to mention being a fantastic ice breaker. Plus, you’re sure to meet plenty of other dog walkers on your daily strolls, and you all have a common interest – a love of dogs!

8. Stress busting. Studies have found that offices with dogs tend to be less stressful places to work. Stroking a dog causes the body to release stress killing hormone oxytocin, and also lowers the blood pressure. Good news for anyone who is feeling the pressure.

9. Look out for you. Your dog will look out for you in more ways than one. Not only do they make excellent watch dogs, alerting you to anything strange that is going on from a pot boiling over (Bruce’s speciality) to an intruder in the garden, but they also keep an eye on your health and wellbeing. They can sense when you’re stressed or under the weather, and there are service dogs trained to sense seizures, episodes of mental illness, and even cancers.

Young woman with her dog walking in the forest

10. Make you a better person. Not only will your dog help you meet people, be calmer, happier and healthier, and have more fun, your dog makes you a better person too. Dog owners are more patient, have greater empathy and understanding, and make us more responsible and selfless.

11. Best Friend. Add all these up together and you end with the greatest reason of all, your dog is your best friend. The best friend who can pick you up when you’re down without saying a word, who pushes you to be more active and healthy, who introduces you to new friends and always has your back. Who could ever wish for a better friend than that?

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Very nice and sensitive write up! Dogs and humans share a lot of understanding in life's ups and downs.

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    Thank you!

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