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Bruce and I are getting into our ‘train training’. If you missed our New Year’s Resolutions, one of my goals for Bruce is to get him well and truly used to travelling on the train. We’re starting with very small journeys on the London Transport Network, and we’re going to build up the length of the journey every few days. Bruce is doing well, but I noticed that some of the other passengers weren’t so sure about sharing their carriage with a large dog that is struggling to settle down.

He paces, he whines and he’ll even let out the occasional bark. Now, much as I find it hard to believe that not everyone loves dogs I am not stupid. I know that, even though Bruce is only on the train for a maximum of five minutes at the moment, this is extremely off putting to a lot of people. I found myself thinking, if only they knew that he was in training. Surely, if they could see that I’m not just taking an antsy dog on the train but I am working towards getting him to be the perfect passenger, they wouldn’t mind quite so much. I remembered meeting a couple of gorgeous Staffordshire Bull Terrier’s wearing collars with ‘friendly’ stamped clearly across them, and wondered if there was something similar for dogs in training.

blue training lead friendly dog collars

Dog Friendly Collars

I took to Google, to find something which would help my in my predicament and came across Friendly Dog Collars by Dexil. What I found was a site with a genius idea – colour coded dog accessories that let people know what state of mind your dog is in. There are collars, leads, harnesses and coats, all colour coded and emblazoned with large embroidered writing so there is no doubt.

Blue is for dogs in training, so I picked up Bruce a short blue training lead which will very clearly show everyone on our train that Bruce is learning some train manners. There are also accessories for dogs that are friendly (green), can’t be around other dogs (orange), need caution (red), nervous (yellow), blind or deaf (white), or not to be fed (purple).

To some, sharing a train with a big dog is downright scary, and there seem to be a few dog-phobes living in my area, to which I am eternally sorry for the fact that my hairy, toothy, excitable dog finds you the most interesting people and is desperate to play with you. I’ve had such good success with our blue training collar that I am thinking about getting a green ‘friendly’ collar he can wear with it, to show the other train passengers that he’s nothing to be afraid of. I know that they are loved by owners with dogs that have a unjustifiedly poor reputation, usually down to their looks, whose friendly pooches get worried glances and tend to frighten people if they so much as wag a tail in their direction.

friendly dog collars training lead

I think that Friendly Dog Collars are onto something great here, and hope that more people continue to use their colour coded dog accessories so that the world spreads until every dog owner knows which colour means what. It would certainly make the lives of dog owners that little bit easier, particularly for those with dogs that are nervous or reactive.

If you want to give Friendly Dog Collars a try then head to their website.

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