Gencon All in One Head Collar Review

At the start of the year I mentioned that one of my 2016 resolutions for Bruce was to get him to walk calmly on a loose lead in new and busy areas. I can’t even begin to tell you how well this has been going, and it just shows that a bit of time, patience and maturity on Bruce’s behalf can do wonders when it comes to training. However, I have been using a secret weapon to help Bruce learn better leash manners, even when he is excitable and raring to go. Enter the Gencon All in One Head Collar.

The Gencon All in One Head Collar works by applying gentle pressure to the muzzle and back of the dog’s head when they pull on the lead, encouraging them to stop pulling and therefore walk calmly on a loose lead. What I love about the Gencon is that it is a kind training aid – it doesn’t hurt or harm your dog, and the pressure they feel in self-inflicted; they are in control of it rather than the owner.

gencon all in one head collar

A lead and head collar in one, the Gencon All in One has, frankly, amazed me. After taking a couple of days to practice with the head collar inside the house, armed with plenty of treats and patience, to get Bruce used to the sensation, we took to the streets and ventured for a 15 minute walk around the local streets and down the high street. The difference in Bruce’s walking was notable from the moment we stepped out the door. Taking lots of treats with me to reward him for walking next to my hip, Bruce spent the entire time trotting happily next to me. I never expected the head collar to have such fast results, and Bruce was perfectly happy to wear it.

I have considered other head collars before but have always been put off after reading reviews from dog owners who have had trouble with the collars slipping over their dog’s eyes. Thankfully, Gencon have considered this and have designed their head collars so that they don’t ride up the muzzle, even on Bruce’s rather square-shaped head.

Anyone who has a dog that pulls on the lead knows that it can be embarrassing and as a result it can really affect your relationship with your dog when heading out for walks, because your dog picks up on the frustration and annoyance you may be feeling. Nearly every time I took Bruce to a busy street, particularly if he hadn’t been there before, he would get over excited and pull me along, which wasn’t only embarrassing but unsafe. Now, I am at a point where I can walk him right by my side and not only is he safer and easier to walk, he is calmer and happier too.

gencon all in one head collar

I team the head collar with Bruce’s ‘in training lead‘ attached to his harness for extra security, and the combination has been fantastic when travelling on the train with Bruce. The extra control of the head collar comes in very handy, particularly waiting at the train station.

The best thing about the Gencon All in One head collar is actually something I wasn’t expecting at all. It’s teaching him to walk on a loose lead even when he doesn’t have the head collar on. On a regular lead, he will now walk nicely right next to me on the pavement, even in crowded areas. Undeniably, this has also been down to clicker training whilst using the Gencon head collar, but without the head collar I would never have got to this place with Bruce. I can 100% recommend the head collar, teamed with training, for anyone who is struggling to train their dog to walk on a loose lead.

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