Zoflora: Getting Rid of Dog Smell in the House

Regular readers will know that I have a bit of a thing about dog odour in the home. I’ve basically declared war on it and do everything in my power to get rid of doggy smells in my house. I have numerous weapons up my sleeve that get rid of dog smells and this is one of them: Zoflora disinfectant.

Zoflora is something of a secret wonder product amongst dog owners. I had never heard of it until it cropped up on an online forum, then I saw it mentioned again, and again and again. Finally, I started paying attention and read some blog reviews before doing a bit of digging and finding an online supplier and putting my order in.

Like this? You’ll love this odour busting candle.

Now, I’m in no way a neat freak. That comes with the territory of being an Airedale Terrier owner, but I have to admit that with all the positive press and word of mouth praise that had come my way, I was actually kind of excited about trying out Zoflora in my dog friendly home. Please, try not to judge me. I simply refuse to resign myself to having a home that smells like a kennel, just because it houses one dog. And he doesn’t even smell… Most of the time.

Zoflora Disinfectant

So, what is Zoflora? It is essentially a disinfectant that comes in a variety of fragrances and is highly concentrated. It has numerous uses around the home and is pet safe, antibacterial and odour neutralising, which is why it has become so well loved among dog owners.

Zoflora Uses

If you are wondering how you use Zoflora, you need to dilute it heavily in water. But just what can you use it for? Well, the list is seemingly never ending. These are the ways that I use Zoflora to get rid of that typical doggy odour in the home:

  • As an odour eliminator on soft furnishings. I mix zoflora with water in a spray bottle, and frequently spray soft furnishings which trap smells, paying particular attention to areas where Bruce likes to frequent like the sofa, the living room rug and the hallway carpet.
  • To clean up areas which tend to get mucky thanks to muddy paws. Namely, the skirting boards which always seem to be splattered with dirt, thanks Bruce. I simply sweep a damp cloth that has been soaked in diluted Zoflora along them, and they sparkle once more.
  • To give Bruce’s crate a deep clean. Crates can get smelly if they aren’t regularly given a thorough wipe down, not to mention dirty.
  • In the laundry. Using Zoflora in the laundry when I wash Bruce’s blankets and bedding leaves fabrics smelling fantastically fresh and they stay that way for much longer, so I don’t have to wash them quite so often.
  • Cleaning and refreshing flooring. Some Zoflora in the water when I clean the hard wood floors gets them cleaner and makes the whole house smell amazing for ages. I also use it in a spray bottle on all the carpets and rugs, to freshen them up and keep them smelling clean.
  • In the vacuum cleaner. If you have pets then you may well recognise that unpleasant dog dander smell which is blasted out when you use the vacuum cleaner. I have a bagless vacuum, so I clean the cylinder with Zoflora, and have also been know to soak a bit of tissue in zoflora and popping it inside the cylinder, so that the house is filled with fragrance rather than an unpleasant dog odour, every time I vacuum.

If you are looking for more tips on keeping your home free from the smell of dogs make sure you check out this candle, my must have tool for odour removal, and these delicious fragrances.

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Reply October 13, 2015

Great post on the uses of Zoflora...as the proud owner of two Golden Retrievers I looove Zoflora...hadn't thought about popping it in the hoover or the washing machine before though. Thank you for the top tips.

    Reply October 13, 2015

    Zoflora is ace isn't it? Couldn't be without it now! Thanks so much for reading and commenting x

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