Gorgeous Throws for Your (Dog’s) Couch

Do you let your dog on the sofa? Chances are that you do. More dog owners than not choose to let their dog on the sofa, and I’m one of them. Bruce has his own spot on the couch with a blanket on top of it, and we love to hang out with him and watch a film or play Playstation games. He’s not very good at them, but then, he doesn’t have any thumbs.

The trouble with having a sofa dog is undoubtedly the mess. Hounds don’t understand why we might get a little flustered when they jump up on the couch when they’re wet, muddy or having been rolling in something nauseating.dog throws couch

The best way to avoid having a dirty, stinking couch is to invest in some gorgeous throws which you can cover your sofa with. Choose pretty ones which match your decor and feel soft and snuggly, and you’ll love your sofa throws just as much as your pooch will. When they get dirty simply give them a good wash – it’s easier than tackling grubby marks on your upholstery, and one hell of a lot cheaper than a new sofa!

These are some of my favourite sofa throws from around the web. Like what you see? Just click on the image to take a closer look.

Do you let your dog on the sofa? Do you have any tips for keeping it clean?

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Reply May 6, 2015

Barney is a sofa dog, we love having him on the sofa with us. Our sofa is brown leather, so it tends not to show too much dirt and is easy to wipe clean too. Barney has his own cushion and throw, when we go away with Barney I always wash the throw first and take it with us, because he doesn't understand that he isn't allowed on other sofas, I always cover the sofa where we are staying with the throw... then I don't worry about any damage. Although sometimes he hops up on the sofa without the throw on it! and looks at me as if to say "yeah, so what you going to do about it'. He's a cheeky monkey!
I'm loving the Holly House and BHS throw in your article... you can never have too many throws... can you?? :o)

    Reply May 6, 2015

    I think that a brown leather sofa is the way to go! I think if we ever end up replacing our current one we'll go for leather as it's so much easier to clean, but we'll still have lots of throws to make it cosy. Like you say... you can never have too many!!

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