Heat Holders Gloves – Rejoice, Cold Hands!

Who else has been struggling with the cold over the past couple of weeks? Yep, winter has been making its mark this month and those frosty mornings and wet afternoons are definitely making my dog walks a chilly expedition. Fortunately, thanks to a fleece lined barbour coat and a plentiful collection of scarves, my body is managing to stay pretty warm even on the coldest days, but my hands? No. My hands have been blocks of ice after every wintry dog walk, thanks to the exposure to the cold that can’t be avoided when you’re holding a lead. Thankfully, my fingers have been saved from impending frostbite by Heat Holders gloves. Hallelujah!

heat holder convertable glovesheat holders gloves

Just why am I so happy with my Heat Holders gloves? The clue’s in the name. These thermal gloves keep your digits just wonderfully snug and warm. They have a fluffy inner lining which retains the heat, while the protective cuff sits snugly over the wrist to ensure that you won’t feel any draft on your wrist or blowing up your coat sleeve. They are wonderfully comfortable, and the converter gloves which I have are brilliantly practical because I can choose to use them as mittens when it’s really cold or opt for the fingerless option when I need to be more dexterous on dog walks.

heat holder pink glovesheat holders gloves review

Heat Holders gloves come in at just under a tenner, and my only regret is that I didn’t get them sooner. I think a quick order for some thermal socks and a beanie hat may have to be quickly placed before winter is up, so I can feel toasty from my head to my toes. If you’re interested in giving your hands and fingers a bit of warmth on these cold days, then you can get your own pair of Heat Holders gloves directly from their website, here.

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Heat Holder Gloves were sent to Paws and Prada for review. This does not affect my review in any way, and only products we fully support and love are featured on Paws and Prada.
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Reply February 22, 2016

This is timely. I don't have a dog to walk (yet!), but British houses, being the not so cosy dwellings they tend to be in the Winter, mean that I thought a pair of fingerless gloves would be helpful when I'm between the times the heating is on, but still need to be able to type. I work from home, so no well heated office paid for by someone else. I'm off to scout the Heat Holders website.

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