Help! My House Smells of Dog

Have you ever been out the house for a long time only to come home, step through the door and be hit by a wave of doggy odour? One of the downsides to having pets is that their scent can sneak into your soft furnishing and linger there for a long time. All too often, we get so used to it that we don’t even notice, but you can bet that everyone else that visits your home can smell it. Nobody wants their house to smell like a kennel. So, how do you get rid of the smell of dog?

The first thing to tackle is the soft furnishings as this is where bad smells penetrate the most easily. Wash any cushion covers, dog blankets and toys in a washing machine (if they are safe for the washing machine). Then, get to work on those carpets, rugs and curtains.

My weapon of choice for removing the smell of dog from the carpets is a steam cleaner. It has the added bonus of actually cleaning the floors at the same time, and the water alone can remove a fair bit of the odour and take the edge off. However, I like to step things up a notch by adding a more pleasant scent to the water, which then penetrates anything I sweep the steam cleaner with.

My go-to for a sweet smelling home is essential oils, and I have a number of them from Tisserand which always smell gorgeous. Rose Absolute is my favourite, but I have also been known to use lime, peppermint and orange blossom. Simply add a drop to the water and away you go.

If you find essential oils to be a bit too overpowering then ironing water also does a great job at removing the smell of dog from your home and replacing it with something fresher and more inviting.

How do you tackle that doggy stink?

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Reply March 7, 2016

We found out that a better way to deal with dog smell is going for some of the root causes: old hair and smelly paws. We started cleaning our labrador's coat and paws with regular baby wipes, every time she came back home after a walk. On top of this regularly brushing (ie at least once a month) makes a huge difference. Now our home doesn't have any dog smell. :) More tips here:

    Reply March 7, 2016

    Great tips! Thanks :)

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