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There is something rather special about Jolie Dog, a brand which specialises in creating gorgeous garments for our beloved dogs. It used to be that when I heard the terms ‘canine couture’ and ‘doggy fashion’ that I would wince, picturing Chihuahuas in pink tutus, diamante and frills. How times have changed. Thanks to style savvy businesses like Jolie Dog, fashion for our pets is no longer naff – it’s luxurious, practical and sophisticated. Thank god for that.

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What’s great about Jolie Dog, is that they come across as not only a style conscious company, but an ethical, decent, high quality one too. Founder Joanna Wheeler clearly has a good head on her shoulders as not only is every item handmade and excellent quality, but the staff are taken care of as much as the customers are – all employees earn above the living wage. On top of that, a portion of all profits from Jolie Dog’s products go to Dog’s Trust. So, when you treat your pup to a gorgeous piece of clothing or accessory from Jolie Dog you are not only buying your hound a beautiful treat, you are supporting a good company and donating to charity too. Now, that’s some excellent shopper’s logic for you there.

OK, OK. That’s enough about the company, on to the products! If you’ve never entertained the idea of putting your dog in a snood, Jolie Dog will change all that. I mean, LOOK:jolie dog snood french bulldog

I think the phrase is ‘I cannot even’. It is just absurdly adorable, and the dark grey colour and chunky knit means that it actually looks really goddamn stylish. See? Not a sparkle or a frill in sight. I am so tempted to get Bruce one for his little trip with us up North this month, to keep him cosy on those cold northern walkies.

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If snoods aren’t your dog’s bag then how does a raincoat sound? I am starting to think that every dog should have a yellow raincoat, and Jolie Dog’s version comes with its own zip up pouch so that it can be easily slipped into your pocket for use when the heavens suddenly open. What a genius idea, huh?

jolie dog yellow raincoat

Of course, it’s not just snoods and raincoats which Jolie Dog sells. They have a beautiful range of tank tops, toys, collars and even personalised bags for us owners. I highly recommend them, and urge you to go and take a peek at their website now.

Once you’re done filling your virtual shopping basket, be sure to have a look at their beautiful online magazine too – it’s well worth a read and beautifully put together. Well, we wouldn’t expect anything less from Jolie Dog, would we?

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