The Joys of Rainy Dog Walks

I don’t mind the rain, in fact I quite like it. Since a stint living in Dubai, where I experienced rain five times in two years I have a newfound appreciation of wet weather. Even then, before I got a dog the thing I was least looking forward to was walking in the rain. Little did I know how much I would come to enjoy those wet, windy, rainy dog walks.

I’m lucky where I live in London, to be just a few short minutes on foot from a large and interesting park. However, it’s a very popular spot not just amongst locals but visitors, tourists and Londoners from further afield. There are often events taking place during the summer, such as fun runs, fairgrounds and small festivals. It’s great to see the park so full of life and it means that Bruce is the most well-adjusted, fantastically friendly and socialised pup around. The down side is that during spring and summer, and even those unseasonably warm days in autumn and winter, walking Bruce is like weaving through an obstacle course of ice cream eaters, small children, football games and picnics. The atmosphere is great, but I can’t help but crave a bit of one on one time with my dog, and the room for him to roam without getting in everyone’s way.

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When the heavens open and the cold sets in, there’s one place you can be sure to find me. In the park, for an extra long walk with my four-legged best friend. There is nothing more refreshing, reviving and head clearing than wrapping up warm, putting my hood up, clipping Bruce’s lead on him and heading out in the rain for a trek around London’s green spaces. The floods of people have miraculously vanished and I can get some peace and quiet. It’s a time I can reflect on the good things in life, and clear my head of the stresses of city life. It’s the closest I’ll ever get to meditation, and the nearest thing to a rural dog walk that I can get in South East London.

Woman with black umbrella in heavy rainBut it’s not just that. The few people you do meet on a rainy walk are always friendly and cheerful. The only dog walkers you meet in the wet weather are the ones who seriously care about their dog’s wellbeing and wouldn’t skip a walk of their life depended on it – their dogs are happy and sociable, and so are their owners. Then there are the walkers without a dog, and I wonder what their stories are. Perhaps they just like to clear their heads and get some peace too. Either way, they always have a smile for me and a pat for Bruce. It seems that one thing is true though, to enjoy walking in the rain you need to have a sunny disposition.

So, while many around me are dreading the onset of the colder seasons and are grimacing at the rainy days we’ve been facing lately, I am embracing them all. Rain? Bring it on. Just no snow yet please, that’s a whole other story.

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