Keeping Cosy with Charley Chau Velour Snuggle Beds

Charley Chau has to be one of my favourite brands when it comes to dog bedding. I’ve had my eyes on their faux fur throws for the longest time (this winter, I will be treating myself Bruce), and their dog beds are the height of luxury for our four legged friends.

charley chau velour snuggle bed blue

Arguably their most desirable products are their range of snuggle beds – possibly the cosiest dog beds I’ve ever seen. The snuggle beds feature a stitched in cover to create a warm pocket which dogs can climb into and tuck themselves in. It’s perfect for dogs that love to burrow themselves underneath blankets for a nap, and helps keep breeds like french greyhounds and whippets warm when they’re feeling a bit nippy.

New to Charley Chau’s snuggle bed collection is the velour range, adding a touch of velvet-soft goodness to your home and making the beds all the more snuggly and soft. The velour looks divine and feels great, but it’s also practical too because it’s a robust and washable fabric, making it ideal for dog bedding.

What I love about Charley Chau is that their dog beds are made not just with your dog in mind, and they do this very well, but also with your home in mind too. They look gorgeous and work with your interior’s style, not against it. The new velour snuggle beds really show that – they aren’t dog beds that you want to hide away when you have guests over. They’re an excellent design both practically and aesthetically.

Tempted? You can grab your dog a Charley Chau Velour Snuggle Bed online here, from £85.00.

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