Mini Review: Sushi Samba

A few weeks ago I handed a frozen peanut butter Kong to Bruce, waved him goodbye and trotted off to Heron Tower to enjoy a very fancy lunch at London’s offering of the famous Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian restaurant, Sushi Samba.

I have wanted to visit Sushi Samba for a very long time, but have been put off by the lifts. Yes, the lifts. As someone who has a slight fear of heights, and dropping to their death in an elevator, the lifts at Sushi Samba are nothing short of terrifying. They are glass and travel the outside of the building so that you can see exactly how far you will fall before you hit the pavement. I mean, so that you can see the spectacular view of London…

I’m not going to lie, the lifts were just as horrifying as I imagined them to be, and it took a lot of distracting during the meal to stop me thinking about the fact that I was going to have to brave them again to get out of the building.

Luckily, there were plenty of distractions coming my way. Butter smooth salmon sashimi, delectable wagyu gyoza, crispy taquitos, steak, black cod and sushi rolls… oh, my! Every mouthful was absolute bliss, and though the menu was for from cheap we left feeling full to the brim and ready for a recovery nap.

Salmon sashimiSushi samba london lunch

sushi samba dessertWe washed everything down with the most exceptional dessert.Organic Red Chocolate Chilli Peppers; a plate full of  peruvian chili mousse, red pepper tuile, raspberry-red pepper sorbet and chocolate crumble, which I regrettably shared with my date.

For a special occasion, Sushi Samba is a real treat. The views really are incredible, even on a dull day, and the food is out of this world. I’m already planning my return, and the best way to brave those nightmarish lifts.

Book a table at Sushi Samba here.

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