Nosey Barker: Alex and Basil

We have two very special guests with us today. I’m thrilled to pass over the Paws and Prada reigns to Alex Frith for today’s Nosey Barker. Alex runs the incredible blog Barkarama, with of course a little bit of help from her adorable pooch and pal Basil, the Boston Terrier.

Alex & Basil 1My little piece of pedigree perfection – Basil Barkarama – was a long time coming. I’d first encountered his breed (he’s a Boston Terrier) when living in NYC, and was completely won over by their ‘cugly’ (ugly but cute) faces, athletic bodies and flirtatious personalities. However, due to personal circumstances having my own dog was not to be for another five years but good things come to those who wait hey? Basil is everything I hoped for… and more!

I first clapped eyes on Basil in a picture my breeder sent of the two pups she’d not yet allocated to homes. The cheeky little sod was sticking his tongue out and I knew he was the dog for me. The other would-be owner was able to visit the breeder before me so she was getting first dibs. Fortunately for me, she bonded better with the other pup so in my case, the best was saved til last.

Basil & Stick

Now over two and half years on, Basil is my best friend. He makes me laugh. He makes me smile, and just one look from his bug-eyes, and any problems I’ve been mulling over seem to fade.

Everyone’s fallen for Basil – my folks are besotted, my mates’ kids adore him, and my other half even caught one of the cats giving him a kiss the other day. He’s a gentle dog, which makes him perfect for his role as a Pets As Therapy volunteer. It’s so precious watching the residents’ faces light up when we pay them a visit at our local old folks home.

Alex & BasilBut Basil doesn’t wear his halo all the time. He ‘planks’ your lap until you give over the warm corner of the sofa, he’s a profound snorer, a prolific trumper and a determined beggar, staring so hard at the bottom of your TV dinner tray that he falls asleep standing up. Basil is also cruel to toys, with his worse act of terror being the decapitation of his West Ham chicken!

Basil earsBasil is at his happiest when he’s running like the wind (with the same madness of Animal from the Muppets), squeaking his toys, curled up with a human  (anyone will do) or eating treats. He also seems to like being with me too, which is pretty handy given the capers I’ve roped him into through my blog. He’s been a Crufts roving repawter, walked the red carpet, dog-modelled, and wait for it ladies… he’s met David Gandy. He told Basil he was a lovely boy and gave him a nice little pat.

There’s a phrase ‘my dog is the heartbeat at my feet’. I’d have to agree as my heart flips pretty much every time I look at Basil.

Basil B&W

Isn’t Basil an absolute star? Many thanks to Alex for giving us a little insight into her life with Basil. You can follow the life and loves of Basil and Alex at and @Barkarama on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Be sure to visit Pets as Therapy too, where you can learn more, donate or even sign up as a volunteer yourself.

About me

Joy Jewell is a London based dog obsessive and style connoisseur. Joy has worked in the fashion and beauty industry as a writer for nearly a decade, and decided to fuse her two loves – style and canines – to create Paws and Prada in 2014. If you would like to talk to Joy about anything from blogging to puppy training then drop her a line at [email protected] or find her on Twitter @PawsandPrada.


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caren gittleman
Reply April 21, 2015

I am wondering, is that the same Basil I met at BlogPaws last year? If so, he is sooooooo adorable!!! Have a great day!

caren gittleman
Reply April 21, 2015

tried to click on the links to follow Basil, the first 2 aren't working...haven't tried the others yet

    Reply April 21, 2015

    Thanks Caren, we had a bit of a glitch in a couple of the links but they should all be working now.

Alex Frith
Reply April 21, 2015

Thanks for the piece Joy. Thrilled to be on P&P. Caren - Basil is a UK-dwelling hound so not sure you will have met him but hopefully you enjoy following us on our social channels x

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