Nosey Barker: Andrea and Archie Boo Smith

For our second installment of Nosey Barker, I am so happy to have Andrea of Sublime Finds here to tell us all about the adorable Archie Boo Smith, a little Schnoodle with a lot of character! Would you just look at that face? Who wouldn’t love this guy!?


I had fallen in love with Archie Boo Smith before we met. I was born a crazy dog lady and was so excited to finally buy our own house so we could have a dog. The ink wasn’t dry on the contract before I was contacting breeders looking for our schnoodle baby (Schnoodle = Mini Schnauzer + Mini Poodle). We were in luck; a litter was on the way in New South Wales in Australia and from 5 pictures of three week old puppies (at that age they look like furry blobs) we picked Archie.

Archie was in charge of our household within three days of arriving. Barely one kilo of fluff, he had us at his beck and call. I was completely besotted.

He was quick to master toilet training (positive reinforcement only! Never scold mistakes!) and we took him to puppy school where he made a few friends, was by far the most vocal in the class, and we finally found the way to align his thinking with ours: food rewards.


Our schnoodle is now three now and has an impressive repertoire of tricks: he sits, drops, stays, comes, rolls over, high fives, begs and bows. We’ve taught Archie the name of some of his toys, and now my favourite game is to ask him where a particular toy is – “Where’s monkey?”… and he’ll go and fetch it!

Archie has also taught himself a few tricks. Somehow he’s learnt to open doors in our house, one sliding door and one with a door handle. We’ve long suspected he’s smarter than he lets on and much prefers us lowly humans to do his bidding, but you can imagine our surprise the first time we saw him open the door! (How long has this been going on? I guess he really wanted to go outside!).


Despite his secret masterminding, Archie Boo is an incredibly sweet and thoughtful pup. He knows if something is off and on those occasions always pays extra close attention to us. He loves a good snuggle (he prefers to be the little spoon) and despite going to sleep in his dog bed every night, he somehow wakes up in our human bed every morning. Archie’s Dad can’t figure out which one of us is making it happen. Secretly, neither can I.

When he’s upset with us, he’ll take a single shoe from the shoe rack of the person he’s upset with (either his Dad or me… or worse, both of us) and place it on our lounge room rug. He never chews the shoe, but leaves it there as if it’s a warning to us: ‘leave me home alone again, and this shoe gets it’. As a lady with a deep love of shoes, I don’t consider these idle threats.


On the occasions he pushes things too far, Archie’s got a plan for making up. Archie’s been known to go and collect a palm tree seed from our garden. These seeds are his treasures, we often find them stashed in his bed or behind a pillow on the couch. If he’s in the bad books he’ll select one of his precious seeds and come and present it to us. It’s a peace offering of the highest order.

Archie’s sleeping pressed up against my legs while I type this; black tussled fur rising and falling with each little snore of a breath. Together is where we’re happiest. I hope we can stay this way for many many years to come.

Make sure you click on over to Sublime Finds, Andrea’s awesome lifestyle blog which is packed with beauty, fashion and life tips, and follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Let’s not leave Archie out though – how could such a photogenic pup not have his own Instagram?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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Andrea @ Sublime Finds
Reply March 10, 2015

Thanks SO much for having us Joy! We're thrilled! #schnooloveistruelove x
p.s. Shout out to the very talented Andrea Thompson (of who took most of these pics! A puppy lover who made us look good!
p.p.s. Can't wait til the next edition of Nosey Barker!

Jess and Tonic
Reply March 10, 2015

what a sweet pup! i laughed at the story of him collecting his seeds. what a goof!

Reply March 13, 2015

I seriously loved this post. I love Andrea and you can tell a lot about a person by the way they love their dog. The photos were so cute! Archie Poo seems like such a character bringing the shoes in the lounge. Too cute. Such a lovely post. I love dogs!

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