Nosey Barker: Lana and Harvey the Bassador

Today kicks off a new series on Paws and Prada called Nosey Barker, where we invite people and their pets to come and let them know a little bit about themselves and give us a glimpse into their friendship. Today, I’m honoured to have the lovely Lana from Fashion Fake with us, to tell us about a very special guy, Harvey an eight year old Bassador.

Harvey the bassador

I adopted Harvey from a Dogs Trust centre when he was 4 years old. He was brought in by a family who said they could no longer look after him due to a bankruptcy, and after of being at the Dogs Trust centre he was presented to us. He was nervous and loud – as you would expect a poor dog to be an hour after they’ve been left by their beloved owners. We had to adopt him, and haven’t looked back since.

Harvey is a cross between a basset hound and a labrador which makes him the funniest and cutest shape – he’s like a short, elongated labrador. He has the stubbornness of a basset, he’s a diva – it’s Harvey’s way or no way. That was proven when his friend Bailey pushed him into a puddle of mud and Harvey refused to move until I cleaned the mud off him! Harvey finds it difficult to make friends with other dogs as we fear he’s not been socialised, but he is the most loving little pooch I have seen.

harvey basset hound labrador mix

Although he is loud and obnoxious and just plain naughty 90% of the time, he also has a way of making you feel very special – especially when he runs towards you, jumps up and cuddles you!

Harvey loves soft toys and always brings them to us as a present when we come home from work. He loves spending the day sleeping on the couch when we’re not in – occasionally he will jump up and make a mess of our bed to cuddle in our blankets! Harvey also loves waking up for a wander at 3am EVERY NIGHT, which means it’s like permanently having a baby – I can’t remember the last time I slept through the night at home!


Although Harvey is a quirky dog, both inside and out, he makes us so happy. It doesn’t matter how upset I feel or how bad my day has been, Harvey will always sit next to me through smiles and through tears. He is such a caring dog, and he gives the best snuggles! I couldn’t imagine life without him.

You can follow Lana and see the occasional appearance by lovely Harvey at her blog Fashion Fake, Twitter, and Instagram. Say hi from us!

cute harvey bassador

If you and your pet would like to be featured in Nosey Barker, drop me an email at [email protected]

About me

Joy Jewell is a London based dog obsessive and style connoisseur. Joy has worked in the fashion and beauty industry as a writer for nearly a decade, and decided to fuse her two loves – style and canines – to create Paws and Prada in 2014. If you would like to talk to Joy about anything from blogging to puppy training then drop her a line at [email protected] or find her on Twitter @PawsandPrada.


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Andrea @ Sublime Finds
Reply February 24, 2015

LOVE this idea! Harvey is gorgeous, that final picture of him with his paws together is fantastic! As a crazy-dog-lady myself, have a super soft spot for fellow fashionistas who feel the same way! x

    Reply February 24, 2015

    Thank Andrea, isn't he fab?

Reply February 24, 2015

Yes! I LOVE the idea, too!! :-)

    Reply February 24, 2015

    Thanks Amreta! x

Beth | Daily Dog Tag
Reply February 24, 2015

They are so cute together! I love her outfit. How fortunate they were to find each other so quickly after he was turned in to Dogs Trust. That last photo is awesome! Love those paws together!

    Reply February 24, 2015

    She's a very stylish lady, that's for sure. That last photos just melts the heart, I agree!

Reply February 26, 2015

Seriously I love your blog. Fashion and dogs. I have a toy poodle that I am obsessed about but I really love all dogs. Harvey is so cute. I bet you give him so many belly rubs. Oh and I totally know how you feel about having the bad days. Dogs they just get it and no matter how I feel when I see Bob (the toy poodle) he just makes me feel so good. Love this. Thanks for sharing.

    Reply February 26, 2015

    Thanks Stephie. Lana and Harvey make a great looking dog and owner duo! Let me know if you'd like to be featured in a Nosey Barker post with Bob, we'd love to have you!

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