Nosey Barker: Stephie and Bobby

Today’s Nosey Barker post comes from the utterly gorgeous Stephie of The Raw Edit – a divine style blog which you absolutely must see. She’s here to talk about the pooch in her life, Bobby, a darling toy poodle with heaps of character.


poodle in sunglasses

Bobby is a gorgeous handsome fluffy apricot toy poodle. I must admit though, Bob is not our dog. Our in-laws share Bobby with us, so technically we have joint custody but who likes to be so technical. We love him just like he was our own fluff puff.

However, Bobby’s story begins long before he was even born. I was going to school in Utah studying accounting where I met this tall blonde Australian boy with a thick accent. We dated on and off for a few years and after I finished school this Aussie boy told me to come visit him all the way down under. So I did what any young in-love girl would do, I got a one-way ticket to Australia. I was so young at the time, early twenties and just made the decision without really thinking anything through or realizing the repercussion of being extremely homesick. Yeah I am a mammas girl.

Over the next 12 months, I had gotten engaged and married. During that time my in-laws bought Bobby. I was staying with them at the time so I went with them to pick up Bobby and I can still remember that day.

I instantly fell in love when I saw this little ball of apricot fluff run out. I was smitten.

After we were married every time I had a bad day, or got bad news, or was just missing home and my family, my husband would go get Bob from his parents house to make me feel better. He knew how much I loved little Bobby and how happy he made me; he’s an instant heart warmer.

toy poodle with toy

I must have got homesick a lot because eventually Bobby was coming over every week for sleepovers and play dates—now I can hardly go a week without cuddling his face off. My husband is just as obsessed with Bobby as I am.

Because Bobby makes us so happy we try and make Bobby so happy. To my husband that means giving Bobby a taste of everything! Bob LOVES food and stares you down with cute puppy dog eyes while you are eating. He knows I don’t give him a lot so he doesn’t hang around me when I have food but begs at my husbands feet because he knows he will always get a little of whatever he is eating. He’s no dummy.

Bobby is not high maintenance but he definitely acts like a little poodle. He loves water and swimming but hates getting his fur wet if it is raining, he demands to be picked up when you see him, he loves his beauty sleep and at night if we stay up late he will take him self to bed (our bed is his bed—the way it should be though), he doesn’t overly love playing with other dogs just loves to play with his human family (I don’t know if bobby knows he is a dog or just thinks he is the little boy in the fam) and every morning rolls over to get his belly rubbed and get his cuddles in.

He is literally my best friend and I love him so much. I am so grateful my in-laws share Bob with us and so happy to have him at this point in my life. I always have a PAWsome day when he is around. I love you Bobster!cuddly toy poodle

I think we can all appreciate just how comforting animals can be when times are tough, and Bobby sounds like such a love bug! Who wouldn’t feel better after a cuddle with such a cutie? Make sure you click through to Stephie’s blog The Raw Edit, and stop by her Instagram page for some serious lifestyle envy. You can also find Stephie on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter so go and say hi to her and Bobby!

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