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When it comes to dog treats, Bruce isn’t too fussy. He even eats the occasional antihistamine with relish and delight. I on the other hand, am a more difficult customer.

When Bruce was a pup I’d pretty much give him any old treat, without much thought to it. I often went with big name brands and supermarket own brands, because they were affordable and the Bruce Monster seemed to like them. However, as I got to know my young pup better and understand his shifts in moods and general wellness, it didn’t take long for me to pick up on a few things. Like the softer than normal stools the day after having a night time dental chew, or the relentless energy and borderline hyperactivity after using certain big name training treats.

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After looking into it, I quickly discovered that a lot of treats just aren’t that great for our dogs and often contain a lot of additives and preservatives. I decided to opt for natural treats instead. He gets a carrot to munch on to clean his teeth, frequently snacks on dried liver, and gets only the best dog biscuits, made with natural ingredients.

Old Mother Hubbard Treats airedale terrier

So, it was with a great big smile on my face that I introduced Bruce to Old Mother Hubbard Dog Snacks. They’re all natural and totally transparent about their ingredients, and why they are included and beneficial to canine health and wellbeing. The biscuits are slow baked to ensure that all those lip smacking ingredients like cheese, apples, carrots, sweet potato and chicken maintain their flavour, so Bruce loves them too – he doesn’t get bored of them like he does with other treats he’s tried, and he’s happy to have them again and again.

The story behind Old Mother Hubbard dog treats is a great one, too. The company has been baking for over 80 years from its Massachusetts base, and the original recipe was meant as a wholesome and nutritious snack for fishermen while they were out at sea. All it took was for one fishermen to throw his dog one of the biscuits, who ate it with pleasure, for Old Mother Hubbard Baking Company to turn its hand to creating delicious, all natural dog treats.

dog treat jar airedale terrier Bruce's Treats

If you care about the ingredients that go into your dog’s food and snacks, then I can highly recommend Old Mother Hubbard, and so can Bruce.

*Old Mother Hubbard Dog Snacks kindly provided treats for review, however we liked them so much we went out and purchased more. You’ll never see a review we don’t believe in, on Paws and Prada.
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