Poundland Dog Product Haul (Ad)

Did you know that there are more than 700 Poundland stores in the UK? Chances are, there’s one not far from you. You might also be surprised to learn that they have a fantastic selection of dog products just waiting to be snatched up. So, you could well have an absolute bargain of a deal on the items that you buy for your dog, just down your nearest high street or in your closest shopping mall, and you didn’t even realise. I have teamed up with Poundland to check out a selection of some of the dog products they have on their shelves, and you might be surprised by the goodies I have in my haul.

Flea and Tick Collar

poundland dog flea collar

The Pet Star Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs is water-resistant and adjustable up to 65cm, making it a good fit for most dogs. It’s suitable for dogs over three months old and protects against reinfestation of fleas and ticks for up to four months. That means that you can protect your dog from these parasites for a whole year for just three pounds! My current flea treatment for Bruce costs just under £20 per quarter, or £80 per year, so it’s safe to say that this bargain in particular has totally blown my mind.

Pedigree Jumbone and Dentastix

poundland pedigree dog chews

Ahh Pedigree, perhaps the nation’s best known dog food and treat brand. Bruce was fed on Pedigree for the first several months of his life, and he did well on it. Now, he loves to chomp on these Dentastix and it’s great to know that I can pick them up from Poundland and save myself a few pennies along the way. Dentastix are a great teeth cleaning treat – dogs love chewing on them, and they do wonders at removing plaque in the process, giving your dog a healthier mouth. Bruce is a particular fan of the Jumbone too, which he completely lost his mind over and tried to play with before realising it was actually the biggest chew he’s ever set his eyes on. Lucky dog.

Poop Bag Holder and 30 Bags

poundland dog poop bag holder and bags

Most of the poo bag holders I’ve seen in shops are between £5 and £7, which is probably why I never bothered getting one before. Now that I’ve been introduced to this one from Pets Place I’m never going back. It clips on to my belt loop, lead or bag for easy access when you have one hand full with a dog’s lead, and you get 30 bags with it to set you up. This is definitely one of those products which you never realised how much you needed until it comes into your life. It’s a dog walking essential for me now.

Three Tennis Balls

poundland dog toy

You can never have enough tennis balls when you have a dog. Particularly a dog like Bruce who thinks that it’s time to play fetch all the time. The trouble with having a dog that likes to bring tennis balls all over the house, garden and on the occasional walk, means that they go missing all too frequently. Well, now I can just nip down the high street and grab three more, and it’ll only cost me a pound. Bravo, Poundland.

Do you like to indulge on bargain shopping sprees in Poundland, and will you be heading to the pet aisle from now on? Let me know on Twitter, using #PoundlandLovesPets, and tell me your favourite thing about getting your pet supplies from Poundland!

This post is sponsored by Poundland.
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Rita Betteridge
Reply April 27, 2016

Facinated by your little blog....one quick question. .are the pedigree products actually genuine??? I've seen some articles saying that some "pound stores" sell imitation products that can prove dangerous. Thank you for sharing your haul Bruce is gorgeous by the way.

    Reply April 27, 2016

    Hi Rita, thanks for stopping by! Yes the Pedigree products are 100% authentic and genuine. Poundland sell thousands of real branded products. My understanding is that they buy in massive bulk from the suppliers (in this case Pedigree) and buy them very quickly, meaning that they get huge discounts and can sell them for just a pound. So, you can rest easy! Only the best for our pups :)

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