Poundland – A Treasure Trove of Dog Goodies (Ad)

We feature a lot of expensive products here on Paws and Prada, but Bruce doesn’t live his life draped in Moshiqa and sleeping on designer pet throws. At the end of the day, I’m a normal dog owner and I like to cut costs when I can. After all, when I save on the everyday products, I have more to fund Bruce’s wardrobe of real leather collars and Barbour jackets! So, when I was offered the opportunity to collaborate with Poundland I was thrilled. I mean come on, doesn’t everyone love to have a nose around Poundland? You can always find a basket of goodies to take home, and there’s nothing quite like the sense of satisfaction you get when you grab a bargain.

Jack Russell running with a colourful ball

What I hadn’t realised about Poundland, is that they love pets. No, they really do. This is a shop which not only caters for your beauty needs, kid’s toys and your household essentials. They’ve got the pets covered too, with a huge range of top brand products for the tiny price of just one pound. How fantastic is it that I can walk down my high street and pick up a few new toys and treats for Bruce, with just the change in my pocket? These are my top five reasons for picking up your pet supplies at Poundland.

  1. Destructive dogs can go to town. I loathe spending vast amounts of money on dog toys, because I have an Airedale Terrier and the favourite thing he likes to do with his toys is remove the squeaker, then the stuffing. There have been far too many times that I’ve spent several pounds on a new toy only for its innards to end up all over the house by the end of the day. I may as well give him a ten pound note to chew up – it would probably last longer. Thankfully, Poundland has a really decent range of dog toys which means that for the same price as one regular dog toy I can buy Bruce several, and if he rips one or two of them apart then I’m not going to be crying over my bank account.
  2. They make budgeting for your pet essentials a breeze. It’s easy to let the costs associated with having a dog mount up. It makes no difference if the boiler needs replacing or it’s time to renew the car insurance – at the end of the day, you still need to buy pet essentials like food, flea treatments, poop bags and grooming products. It’s not always easy to fit these into the budget when life throws those financial curve balls, but Poundland makes saving money on those must-haves easy and stress free.
  3. They sell big name brands. If you’re worried that shopping for your pet at Poundland means choosing brands that you’re not familiar with, then you might be in for a surprise. Poundland sells a lot of very well-known brands and household names, including  Butchers, Pedigree, and Bob Martin.
  4. They are convenient. With more than 700 stores nationwide, chances are you don’t have to go far to get to your nearest Poundland. However, you can even buy online, if one of their many stores isn’t located near enough for you.
  5. It’s not just for the mutts. As well as stocking a big range of dog products Poundland also offers products for your cats, small pets, fish, and even birds. So you can pick up something for the whole furry (and feathery) family. Well, we wouldn’t want anyone to feel left out, would we?

Saint Bernard Dog with Toy

Are you a Poundland shopper? Will you be heading to your nearest branch to see what goodies you can pick up for your pet? Let me know on Twitter, using #PoundlandLovesPets and let’s get the conversation started.

This post is sponsored by Poundland.
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