How to Protect your Hallway from Messy Dogs

The entrance hall of a home gets the brunt of a dog’s mess. They come in from walks in the rain and mud, perhaps after having had a swim in a nearby lake, and they step into the home and immediately, almost magically, deposit all the dirt and debris they have collected on their paws and in their fur, to the hallway’s flooring, and all too often the walls too. Bruce’s ability to get our narrow hall’s walls dirty is actually quite impressive. If you have a mucky pup like I do, then you might be glad to know about these ways to protect your hallway from messy dogs.

Have a ‘Dog Area’

If you have the room for it, then make a small space in your hallway for your dog’s things. A few hooks and a small storage bench or a shelf is plenty. Use this area to keep all your dog walking essentials like poo bags, leads and harnesses together, but also include a towel or drying mitt which you can grab when you get home, so you can immediately towel off your dirty canine friend.

Decorate Wisely

If you’re thinking of giving your hallway a bit of a makeover, then keep your dog in mind when you do it. No, I’m not suggesting you use paw print wallpaper to satisfy their creative side. Pick paints and materials which are dog, and more importantly, mess friendly.

Washable paint such as Dulux Endurance is a good place to start, as you can simply wipe it down if your dog splatters it with mud and dirt. You can wash it without damaging the paint itself, or fading the colour at all.

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For flooring, look at hard wearing vinyl. Hard floors tend to win out over carpet which absorbs dirt and odour, and vinyl is more resistant and scratch proof than wooden floors which can become easily damaged by dog nails when they run and play. Luxury Vinyl Flooring is great these days – it looks fantastic and is strong and usually scratch resistant, making it easy to protect your hallway floor from dirty dogs.

Use Washable Rugs

While you ideally want to avoid using carpet flooring in your hallway, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t add a rug to soften things up. Just make sure that you can throw it in the washing machine on a regular basis, or it will start to look grimy and grey very quickly.

Wipe Down the Skirting Boards Regularly

You’d be surprised by how much dander and dog hair skirting boards can collect. Cleaning them can feel like a really tedious chore, but I have a little life hack for you. Rather than using a normal cloth to clean your skirting board, use a clothes dryer sheet instead. The sheet will not only mop up dog hair and dust really easily, but it leaves a residual coating which actually repels dust by minimising static. Meaning that you have to clean them less often – winner!

How do you protect your hallway from messy dogs?

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