Recall Diaries: Come Here!

Have you been following our recall training guide? If so, you should have spent the past week rewarding your dog for checking in with you.

By now, your dog should realise that looking at you and paying attention to you on walks means great things happen. Things like sausage and cheese. It’s now time to get your pup to associate coming back to you with a phrase or world like ‘come’.

It’s important to pick a word or phrase you haven’t used in past recall training which has failed. I use the phrase ‘Bruce, come here’.

So, how do you get your dog to associate the chosen words with coming back to you? You need to continue with clicking and treating when your dog looks at you on walks, except now you add in the words when you give your dog the treat.

So, for example, I will be taking Bruce out on the lead and he turns back and he looks at me. I click, he comes to me to collect his treat, and as he gets to me and I pass him the treat I say ‘Bruce, come here‘. Yes, he is already there, but we are conditioning him to be close to me for treats when he hears those words. Just like we conditioned him to clicker training.

Keep this up for the next week, and we’ll continue next Wednesday with the next step!

Catch up with the previous steps here:

The Recall Diaries Introduction

Week One – Clicker Conditioning

Week Two – Checkin’ In

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