Removing Dog Odour: Five Simple Tips

Kicking off Spring cleaning week on Paws and Prada, I want to share with you my top five tips for removing dog odour. Keeping the house smelling great when you have a dog, particularly larger, messier, mud and water-loving varieties of pooch, can feel like a challenge sometimes. However, you needn’t pull your hair out over trying to remove their own unique variety of  signature smell. By following a few simple tips, your home can smell better than ever.

removing dog odour tips

  1. Get a strong vacuum and use it regularly. Vacuuming will not only pick up stray hairs that have a habit of sticking to your favourite clothes, but also dander which can cause allergies. Both hair and dander have a certain odour, so removing them from the home on a regular basis is important to banishing pet odour, or no matter what else you do to combat that tell tale dog smell, you’re fighting a losing battle. I prefer using a bagless vacuum and emptying it after every use, so that dog odour doesn’t build up in the vacuum cleaner, only to escape the next time you use it. You can keep your vacuum cleaner smelling nice by adding perfume soaked pieces of tissue, or fabric sheets, in the bag or cylinder.
  2. Use scent removing products. There are loads of odour neutralising products on the market now, the best known being Febreeze. However, I can’t stand the chemical fragrance of most odour removing air fresheners. Instead, I use a pet odour removing candle and an odour absorber, which simply sits in the hallway and soaks up unpleasant stinks, purifying the air.
  3. Identify ‘hot spots’ and give them extra attention. Most dogs have a few places they like to hang out, time and time again. For Bruce, he loves the corners of the sofa, sleeping in front of the front door, and of course, his bedding. Knowing that these areas are high traffic for little paws, I pay more attention to these areas. The hallway is home to an odour absorber to combat the smell from his sleeping spot, his bedding is washed regularly, and the sofa covers get a regular wash.
  4. Which brings me on to my next point. If you have a dog that is welcome on the furniture, like Bruce is, then removable and washable sofa covers are a god send. Failing that, an upholstery washer is an excellent idea. However, if your budget can’t stretch that far or you just don’t have the room to store one, then large throws and blankets on the couch are an easy solution. Just make sure that they are washable.
  5. My final tip is a no-brainer. In order to keep your home smelling its best, you need to do the same for your dog. Don’t miss those grooming appointments, feed your dog a healthy and balanced diet, and invest in a pet deodoriser which tackles any smells directly. The better your dog smells, the better you house will smell, after all.

Do you have any tips for removing dog odour? Let me know in the comments below!

dog hair don't care

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