Simply Bee Propolis Serum Review

Twice daily dog walks in the cold and wet has taken a toll on my skin over the last few months. My Charlotte Tilbury balm has done well at soothing it, but it’s not a product I like to use daily and I prefer it as a more of a treat when my skin needs a boost. I wanted something a little simpler for my dry skin, which had been a touch hormonal and spotty since Christmas.

I reached for an old favourite – an incredible face oil which not only deeply moisturises and soothes winter weathered complexions, but also heals it and calms blemishes as if by magic. In fact, I’ve gone from suffering sizeable breakouts to having just one spot at the moment, at a time of the month where I’d expect to have several.

The wonder oil I’m talking about? Simply Bee Propolis Serum. It contains just three ingredients – almond oil, propolis and neroli oil. The result is a deeply nourishing serum which is not only moisturising, but is anti-bacterial and decongesting, breaks down pigmentation and is packed with anti-oxidant rich vitamins.

One of these vitamins is Vitamin P which is a natural antibiotic, making this an exceptional facial oil for acne sufferers. This face serum feels very oily on application, but it does sink in nicely after 10 minutes or so and it has never once left me with congested skin or breakouts. My skin is easily congested and I’ve never had problems with it.

If, like me, your skin tends to be dry but is also spot prone, then this is the face oil for you.

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Reply March 20, 2015

Always on the lookout for a good face oil. I currently use Bio-Oil which I really like but may give this one a try. Thanks :)

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