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I am a huge fan of vloggers and I’m subscribed to too many YouTubers to count. Some are new to me, some feel like old friends – but there’s only one thing which can make an awesome vlogger even better. The addition of a dog (or six) to spark my interest that little bit more. Come on, who doesn’t use YouTube to look for videos of dogs and puppies anyway? YouTube dogs are the best dogs. The rise of the canine vlogger is real, folks. These guys are my top doggy YouTube stars.

Reggie Button

reggie button greyhoundBe still my beating heart! Reggie is the proud owner of human Essie of famous beauty blog and YouTube channel Essie Button, and Aslan of The Worktop. A rescued greyhound, we love Reggie’s happy attitude and his overbite makes us go all puppy gooey inside. It’s impossible not to love this guy.

Follow Reggie on Instagram and keep an eye out for him on Estee’s vlogs.

The SacconeJoly Packsacconejoly maltese

If you haven’t heard about the SacconeJoly’s and their army of dogs then you have clearly been living under a rock. A wi-fi free rock. These daily vloggers are one of YouTube’s biggest success stories. I started watching them just before their two Maltese dogs had puppies and I have been hooked ever since. For a funny daily dose of family life, complete with the entertainment of a household which is 6 dogs strong (7 if you count their employee’s addition), get following now. Oh, and don’t forget to watch Bianca’s epic music video.

Follow Albi, Sina, Bianca, Nuvela, Nivea and Theo on the SacconeJolys channel, along with their human parents and siblings.


fleur de force piglet

I felt a great deal of affection for Fleur de Force’s dog Woof, when I first started watching her videos and it was horrifically sad to watch Fleur announce that Woof had suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. Fleur’s fans will always have a soft spot for Woof, but little Piglet the mini dachshund is a lovely sight to behold. The newest fluffy member of the De Force pack, Piglet is the type of dog you just want to snuggle and smush and cuddle and play with. She is a beauty. Honourable mentions have to go to Treacle and Squidge, Fleur’s mischievous spaniels.

The best place to catch sightings of Piglet is on Fleur’s Instagram, but she makes regular vlog appearances too.

Who are your favourite canine social media stars?

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Reply February 19, 2015

I love finding dog videos on YouTube, the pack of dogs are soooo cute! xx


    Reply February 19, 2015

    Aren't they lush? There are some very cute vlogs from when they were really tiny!

Reply February 24, 2015

OMG seriously obsessing over your blog name and cute blog! I love this youtube roundup and love having dogs going through my feed. SO thanks! Xo stephie

    Reply February 24, 2015

    Thank you Stephi, that's such a nice comment to see when I turn my laptop on in the morning! I'm so glad you like Paws and Prada x

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